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How to Write Your Best Online BBW Dating Profile

How to write your best online dating profile

If you’ve decided to join an online dating site, you’ve made it one step closer to finding some like-minded and well-matched singles to date. However, how well you do on an online dating site will very much depend on how well you’ve portrayed yourself in your online dating profile. At CuddlyMatches.com, we want all our plus size dating members to have the best BBW dating site experience possible. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips on how to write your best online dating profile.

Take Your Time

Getting started on an online dating site can be a daunting experience. Knowing what to expect and what to write about yourself can be difficult to start with. The first bit of advice is to take your time, and don’t rush into it. Most dating sites allow you to join for free and take a look around before committing to becoming a full member. Part of this free sign up process normally involves adding a profile of yourself, which makes it very tempting to write the least amount of words necessary just to get through and look around. It’s then very easy to not devote some proper time to going back in and updating your profile. However, without an attention grabbing profile that’s fully completed, you’re far less likely to attract attention.

Take your time creating your dating profile. In a similar way you take time over your CV, your dating profile should put across the best version of you in the most appealing and succinct way. If you’re not sure what to write, have a look around at other dating profiles and see what things stand out and attract you the most. Then try and replicate these for yourself. If you need help, ask how your friends would describe you, and what they consider your best qualities to be.

Be Positive

Nobody wants to read about your bad points, your hang ups or things that haven’t worked out in your life so far. Positivity is an attractive quality, so think about making this come across in your profile, and concentrate on sounding upbeat and fun. What do you want to achieve, what makes you happy, and what you enjoy doing are good starting points.

Be Different

It can be very easy to write a profile that sounds interesting, but like everybody else. It’s worth spending some time trying to think outside the box on what makes you ‘you’, and different to everyone else. We are all different and quirky in our own ways. This makes us interesting and can be an ideal way to stand out and get conversation started. If you find yourself writing a profile that describes how you like ‘socialising with friends’, ‘going out at the weekend’, ‘reading’, or ‘exercising’ - stop right there. This won’t catch the attention of anyone. Think different, be unique, but be you.

Be Concise

Once you’ve established what to say, in a positive and interesting way, you just need to check that you’re not waffling. With literally thousands of other plus size dating profiles to read through, no dating member will devote too long to anyone. You need to make your profile attention grabbing and concise. Cram in all those best bits of you into a condensed summary-like fashion that will leave your reader contacting you to find out more. Two paragraphs is plenty to give the reader enough to get started.

Be Thorough

A dating profile has a number of different aspects to it that will be visible to passing visitors online. Make sure you are thorough and take the time to complete all of your dating profile. It has been widely documented that dating members with completed profiles and photos are far more likely to get messages from other members. An incomplete profile can give off the impression that you’re not that serious about dating and may mean you miss potential matches.

Take the time to get your profile to 100% complete, and give yourself the best shot at finding a match!

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