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Plus Size Guide to Dressing Well When Dating

Plus size guide to dressing well when dating

Feeling good in what you wear can have a big impact on your confidence. When it comes to dating, this can make all the difference. You want to be able to put your best self across to your date, so paying attention to the clothes you wear is an important part. If you feel good in your clothes, you’re far more likely to be seen as attractive by your date as you’re more happy and confident. CuddlyMatches.com has put together a plus size guide to dressing well when dating for all its BBW dating members.

First things first, anyone can dress well, no matter what your size or shape. All body shapes can looking flattering in the right clothes. It’s just a case of identifying what these are. Here’s our top tips on how to flatter the plus size figure in the right clothing.

Find Your Best Features And Flaunt Them

This sounds like an obvious one, but something not everyone is good at doing. Spend some time in front of the mirror and really analyse your body. Decide what you feel your best features are; which bits you like best about your figure. As this is the area you’ll be most confident about, it’s where you should concentrate your efforts on when dressing.

Once you have these identified, it’s about shopping for the right outfits that highlight your best features. When it comes to dating, you definitely want to flaunt your best bits.

Legs - If your legs are your best asset, think about outfits that will show them off. Skirts and dresses are a great start. Play around with different lengths to see what suits your leg shape the best. Long slim jeans or trousers are also flattering. Cropped trousers can make legs look shorter, so might be best avoided.

Curves - If you like how your figure curves, wear outfits that accentuate these. Creating the hour glass figure really shows off curvy figures. This can be achieved by outfits that look like they bring the waist in. This can either be with the use of a belt on looser-fitting items, or alternatively with dresses that cinch in around the waist area. Go for jeans that have a higher waist band. Start with a mid-rise or higher cut to bring tummy lines inwards for a flattering waist. Avoid shapeless tops, trousers or skirts that will only hide shape, and look for A-line or pencil shapes, a tailored or slim fit.

Cleavage - there are plenty of different tops to play around with here that can show off your top assets. Find what cut what works the best for you depending on your bust size. Another great outfit choice for showing off a fuller bust is a wrap dress. This tends to give a lower cleavage line than other dresses and tucks in underneath to hide the waist.

Hide The Features You’re Not Keen On

Once you’ve highlighted the areas you consider your best assets, the other areas are ones you should aim to take attention away from. One easy way of doing this is to use dark colours. This not only draws the eye away, it is also true that dark colours have a slimming effect. When choosing your outfits, aim for colour on the areas you want to highlight, leaving darker colours to the areas you want to hide. If it’s legs, black or dark blue jeans, or skirts are ideal. If it’s more specific areas like just your arms, there are some great ways to do this using the trick of layering items. For example, this could be a cardigan, blazer, denim or stylish tailored jacket. Aim to avoid baggy clothing on arms, that might cause you to lose shape on your top half.

Invest in Good Underwear

A golden rule for making an outfit really work is to ensure you’ve got the right underwear working for you. A visible VPL or a muffin top can throw doom on the best planned outfit. Make sure you’ve got a well fitting bra. If in doubt, go and make that appointment to have a bra fitting, and eliminate droopy straps, and bulging back fat. Check your briefs too, and have a look around to see what’s out there. There’s a wide selection of high waisted and control pants these days to choose from, so it might be time to get an upgrade. Chuck out the old saggy pants, and update things to have everything tucked in. 

Know The Rule of Patterns

Don't be scared to bring colour and prints into your wardrobe. All black doesn't always look best. Bring colour in to accentuate your key areas, but don't just stick to blocks of colour. Don’t be afraid to use patterns, and have some fun. They can be flattering on plus size figures. You just need to stick to one rule - go for small prints. An item of clothing with a larger print can make any body shape look larger. Whereas a smaller pattern will be much more flattering and can have a slimming effect on your body. Pick smaller prints or patterns, and have a play around to see what works best.

You might be surprised to see that you can also get a good look with stripes, that are typically believed to make anyone look larger. In fact, narrow horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. They elongate figures, making them taller and leaner.

Add Accessories

It’s worth thinking about ways to accessorise your outfit to add that extra wow factor. For larger figures, larger statement pieces of jewellery work particularly well, rather than more delicate items. If you’re looking to accentuate your top half, go for a statement necklace that will stand out. Equally large statement earrings are a great way to bring attention upwards, and around your face. If you’re focusing on bringing in your waist, go for a belt that stands out, using a bright colour, sparkle or a pattern. Or a large bracelet on your wrist can also draw attention towards this area.

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